“Gifted … [My Wounded Head 1’s] most impressive feature is its daunting physicality.” – The New York Times

“Inventive … transfixing … of the new interludes [Repeated Measures] the most inviting was Mr. Chan’s … a study in repeating, slowly morphing figures built around chimelike tintinnabulations and ending up in a chromatic Minimalist swirl.” – The New York Times

“From quietly intoned sound points to grand waves that warbled and thundered.” – The Washington Post

“… [The set of five chorales from Bach’s St. Matthew’s Passion] have become an obsession for Marc, and each station of his cycle forges a new ‘road trip’ through the notes, patiently spinning them out into strange and beautiful patterns. My Wounded Head 3, for solo piano, pushes this patience into sublime territory … the rhythms mesmerize, and you may even feel it not long enough.” – Sequenza 21

“Chan’s piece [My Wounded Head 3] is among the most brilliant in recent memory.” – American Record Guide (March/April 2017)

“Marc Chan’s entrancing piano opus My Wounded Head 3 … It’s never less than mesmerizing.” – San Francisco Chronicle (March 22 2017)

Described by the New York Times as a “gifted pianist and composer,” Marc Chan, born in Singapore, straddles the worlds of concert and theater music. His music has been performed at Carnegie Hall, Le Poisson Rouge, the Stone, the Tank, <fidget> (Philadelphia), the Smithsonian Freer Gallery (Washington, DC), and the Esplanade Theaters on the Bay (Singapore). The music to My Wounded Head 3 (Mode Records) inspired the film My Wounded Head, in collaboration with filmmaker Stephen Chen, and participated in the Imperfectu (Tijuana) International Film Festival 2014, the Imperfectu (Berlin) Interntional Film Festival 2014, and the Gender Reel Festival 2014. Marc holds a doctorate in composition from the Manhattan School of Music and is a member of the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theater Advanced Workshop.